The Strides of Hope marathon training program lasts for 21 weeks starting July and provides the necessary  support system for both experienced and beginner runners. Dallas Running Club is our training partner. All the runners who have completed their training have been successful in running the marathons or half-marathons of their choice.

Asha Dallas’s Commitment

Asha Dallas will provide guidance to be part of the Fall Training program conducted by DRC and the support required for the successful completion of your target race. The Strides of Hope program is backed by a team of dedicated people including seasoned  runners who will support you throughout the training regimen. The program will also provide a network of past runners who will share their training and fundraising experiences.

During the group runs couple days in the week, the program allows you to run with a buddy so you can continue running at a steady pace and stay focussed and motivated. Once you sign up for the program you will be provided with an exclusive webpage that you can use for fundraising.

Your Commitment To Asha

Raise funds for Asha: You will be committed to raising funds for Asha. These funds will be used to support our projects promoting the education of underprivileged children in India. All funds raised will go to our educational projects. The program will also provide substantial support in planning your fundraising strategy and help you realize your fundraising goal.

Train for and run the marathon: The marathon training program is a 6-month, comprehensive program, and it requires your personal commitment of about 7 hours every week. In order to ensure a successful training program, we require that you be able to walk-run either 1/2 hour at any speed or 2 miles at any speed continuously. Give it a go! Sign up! Please contact us for more information about the program.

Check out the mile stones for a successful marathon and fund raising program by clicking here.


Yes You Can

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