Welcome to Team Asha Dallas!


TEAM ASHA is a group of driven individuals who train together to run or walk a half or full marathon or relay race and raise money through Strides of Hope, an endurance sports program and the primary fundraiser for Asha Dallas.

Since 2007 the Dallas chapter has helped more than 50 participants, to gradually transition from first time runners to seasoned athletes. A kid’s relay marathon team was also formed by the Kids/Youth chapter and raised more than $2700 for the cause.  In 2009, we had around 30 walkers/runners train together and successfully complete the half and full marathons and relay races. Our primary races are DRC half (www.drchalf.com) and The Dallas White Rock Marathon (www.runtherock.com).  Strides of Hope is the largest fundraiser for Asha for Education’s supported projects across India. The team collectively raised more than $30000 to support projects in India. The details of projects supported by Team Asha’s funds are listed at www.ashanet.org/dallas/projects/index.html.

Strides of Hope, our premier endurance sports program gives one the opportunity to unleash the benefits of walking/running in their own lives while making a difference in the life of an underprivileged child in India, with every progressive step. Our objective is to provide every walker/runner with the training and resources to run or walk a half, full or a relay race while raising funds for a good cause. Our six- month training program combines walking/running and cross-training with social activities with a group of fun loving people. Dallas Running Club (www.dallasrunningclub.com) which is the largest running and walking organization in Dallas is our training partner.  In addition, our diverse team of experienced marathoners, returning runners and volunteer mentors add a personal touch to the training and work with you at each step through the challenges of training and fund raising.  To learn more about the Strides of Hope program, please email us at run@dallas.team-asha.org or call us at (214) 233-6339

We thank all our sponsors, supporters, volunteers and donors without whose support this program could not have been a success.