Asha Dallas Penpal Program

Why apply to the Penpal Program?

Every once in a while, we find ourselves having something to give to the world. We either choose to step up, or decide to wait for when we have more time, means, or strength. We hope this opportunity urges you to gift some of your time to enriching someone’s life, and in the process, add to your own.

Each one of us reading this has worked hard for an opportunity to study in one of the top educational institutes in the world. Together, we share the collective responsibility and ability to be role models and cheerleaders for those who seek to grow further in their lives. Our knowledge and experiences are untapped resources, waiting to be shared with those who go through daily struggles to get a chance to learn and grow.

Through this program, we wish we wish to provide a chance for the underprivileged kids to understand the value of education, see a life outside of their world of poverty and be inspired by students studying overseas. We wish that the kids are encouraged to face their struggles in over-coming odds and develop a vision for a brighter future.